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Sophisticated Aluminium Bifold for Your Mitcham Home

Why not create an elegant and sophisticated to your Mitcham garden with an aluminium bi-fold door? These stunning doors offer a high performance double glazed entrance to your garden that will create a greater living space.

They link your home and garden to give you more possibilities for your lifestyle. These luxurious bi-folding doors are a superb home improvement, adding style to your home and creating a seamless connection between the indoors and the outdoors.

Marathon work with market leading manufacturers Origin to create perfect aluminium bi-fold doors for your home.

Read on to get more information on the benefits and features of aluminium bi-folding doors.

aluminium bi-fold doors

Original Origin Quality

When you choose to have aluminium bi-fold doors installed in your Mitcham home, it is important that they are of the highest quality.

Our Origin bi-fold doors are revolutionary, with an original, modern design that offers exceptional quality.

These stylish sliding doors are created with a unique running system. The high-quality, fully concealed running gear is protected against tampering and completely weatherproof.

They will provide your Mitcham home with many years of superb performance, as the high grade aluminium used in their manufacture is robust and inherently strong.


Guaranteed Performance

Our aluminium bi-fold doors are designed to last for many years. They are created from exceptional aluminium coupled with precision engineering and intelligent design to provide a long lasting performance.

These double glazed sliding doors offer such an outstanding level of quality, that they come with an unrivalled 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

You can be confident that your new aluminium bi-folding doors will last the test of time, giving you a long term smooth operation.

origin aluminium bi-fold doors mitcham

Minimal Maintenance for Superb Style

With our aluminium sliding doors, you will need to undertake minimal maintenance to ensure that they continue to perform to the best of their ability. Simply give them the occasional clean and that is really all there is to it.

Our aluminium sliding doors are designed to operate with minimal fuss for many years, so there will be no costly or time consuming regular maintenance like you would experience with a timber door.

High Security Double Glazing

We’ve already mentioned the tamper resistant running mechanism, but our aluminium bi-folding doors have many other features to ensure they offer superb levels of security.

Each aluminium sliding door that we fit in Mitcham comes with Yale Shootbolt locks as standard and an 8-point multipoint lock which fires steel bolts 20 millimetres into the top and bottom of the aluminium door frames. They are also fitted with a deadbolt, and an anti-lift latch mechanism.

There is no greater security for an aluminium bi-fold door, giving you so much reassurance that your home and family will be safe and protected against potential intruders.


Environmentally Friendly Home Improvements

The beauty of aluminium is that it can be recycled time and time again without ever losing its inherent strength and performance. This makes our aluminium bi-fold doors superbly eco-friendly, but they also minimise their environmental impact in other ways too.

Our range of aluminium sliding doors are superbly energy efficient. Not only is this good for the environment as less heat escapes your home and you use less energy, but it is also superb for your home and its performance.

You will find that your heating lasts longer, so you need to turn the thermostat on less frequently. Your home could also achieve a greater EPC rating [link], adding value should you ever want to move!

Safe For Your Family

Our aluminium bi-fold doors are designed with safety in mind, keeping your Mitcham family safe. The Origin design is specifically created to be considerate of potential accidents. Child safe gaskets and slam-proof magnets are integrated into our aluminium bi-folding doors. The master door is secured by a heavy duty, magnetic catch preventing the doors from slamming shut on little fingers.

Your little ones and your pets will be protected from injury as much as possible with our aluminium bi-fold doors, giving you one less thing to worry about!

Designs That Meet Your Needs

Our aluminium bi-fold doors come in a range of configurations and can be completely tailored to suit your tastes with a fantastic range of over 250 RAL colours to finish of their look. Perfect for blending this superb sliding doors into your home and achieving a look and function that suits your Mitcham property and the space available.


aluminium bi-fold doors

Aluminium Bifold Door Prices Mitcham

If you would like more information on our aluminium bi-fold doors, then please do contact us. We are here to answer all your questions and we can also provide you with a tailored aluminium bi-fold doors quote to help you prepare for your Mitcham home improvements.

Windows and Doors - Double Glazing Surrey

A diverse and exciting range of uPVC Windows are available throughout Surrey from Marathon Windows. Remember back in the miserable Winter months, when the heating is on all day and the cost of running your home in Surrey shoots through the roof? Nowadays, lowering the cost of your energy bills and minimising your family’s carbon footprint couldn’t be easy. It’s just a case of picking the right products for your home, and ensuring that it’s installed by a professional team of experienced home improvement engineers.

uPVC windows in surrey

If you’re considering renovating your home in Surrey before the drizzly Winter months kick in, this is the perfect article for you! This month, Marathon Windows go into detail about our desirable range of uPVC windows.

Let’s start at the top though. We are Marathon Windows, a company with over forty years’ experience in supplying and fitting the highest quality uPVC double glazed windows throughout Epsom, Coulsdon and the neighbouring towns in Surrey.

In fact, it’s safe to claim that we are one of the longest serving independent uPVC window installers in our neck of the woods. Accordingly, we have a solid reputation in our area – forging close relationships with all of our highly valued customers.

So, what makes us one of most respected, well known and sought after installer of uPVC double glazed windows in Surrey? Throughout our forty years at the top, we have become associated with some of the most respectable names in the double glazing industry.

Trusted uPVC Window Installer Surrey

Here at Marathon Windows, we pride ourselves on supplying and fitting the most competitive prices for double glazed windows throughout Epsom, Coulsdon and the surrounding towns in Surrey. Furthermore, 40 years is a long time to dedicate yourself to anything! Needless to say, our team have gained some respectable accreditations throughout this time.


fensa surrey


FENSAFENSA are, without a moment’s hesitation, one of the most important names in the double glazing and home improvements industry. A FENSA registered and qualified company, like ourselves, must ensure that all of our uPVC double glazed windows meet the high thermal and security performance set by FENSA. After installing your uPVC windows, you’ll receive a certificate from FENSA, proving our work meets their requirements.


eurocell double glazing



Eurocell – Eurocell started back in 1974 and since then have grown to be one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of high quality uPVC in the UK. Unlike most other suppliers of uPVC, Eurocell commit themselves to recycling the material. Doing their bit for a greener future, helping to minimise your carbon footprint.


Our Range of uPVC Windows Surrey

What has kept us at the top of the home improvements industry in Surrey? The knowledge and realisation that all properties are completely unique, and everybody has different tastes in relation to style and appearance. Because of this, we supply and fit a huge range of customisable uPVC windows. Ensuring you pick the perfect double glazed window for your home in Surrey.

Please see below a description of each of our sleek and attractive uPVC double glazed uPVC windows:


uPVC Casement Windows

uPVC Casement Windows are by far the most popular window choice throughout Surrey. Their diversity, functionality and appearance are favoured by homeowners due to their energy saving ability, in built security values and the fact that they need minimal maintenance. Here at Marathon, we recommend a quick wash every once in a while to remove any dirt which has built up.


uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

The clever and sophisticated design of our uPVC tilt and turn windows help make them our favourite. An attractive contemporary design, manufactured to your specific measurements and opening preferences. Maximise the ventilation in your home, and maximise the natural light entering your home without compromising the safety and security of yourself and your loved ones.


uPVC Sash Windows

Retain the authentic and traditional appearance of sliding sash windows with our modern take! uPVC Sliding Sash windows gift your Surrey home with a classic and timeless appearance, manufactured from modern materials to help save you money on your energy bills. uPVC Sliding Sash windows will complement the aesthetics of modern and traditional properties alike.


uPVC Coloured Windows

Bring your Surrey home to life with our uPVC coloured windows. A stylish range of windows that will brighten up the appearance of your property, forged from traditional wood-grain finishes and scratch resistant colours.

upvc coloured windows

Online uPVC Window Prices Surrey

Do you like the sound of any of our double glazed windows? Interested to discover just how competitive our online prices are? Generating your free online quote couldn’t be easier or faster, just visit the quote section of our website and click go. You’ll receive your no obligation quote in minutes, completely unique to you.

If you feel there’s anything we’ve missed, and you would like to find out more about our double glazed windows, feel free to contact us. Our team of professional uPVC window installers are more than happy to talk double glazing, explain the hassle free installation process and even give you a quote over the phone.

Marathon Windows Double Glazing Surrey

Are you looking for a uPVC window that oozes charisma and charm from a classic, timeless design for your home in Epsom? We have the ideal solution! Introducing our uPVC Sliding Sash window, the perfect window for all property types in Epsom and neighbouring Surrey areas. Here at Marathon Windows, we’ve gone out of our way to design a uPVC Sliding Sash window that complements the desirable aesthetics of wooden windows without the drawbacks.

uPVC sliding sash windows Epsom

In our latest article, uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Epsom, we are looking at what factors have contributed to increasing the desirability of this particular type of double glazed window. This particular style gained popularity in country homes at first, before being redesigned for the mass market. Nowadays, uPVC Sliding Slash Windows can be installed to any type of property, blending in effortlessly and presenting your Epsom home in a brand new light.

Before we go into more detail though, a little about ourselves. We are Marathon Windows, Epsom’s premium supplier and installer of uPVC Sliding Sash windows. With over forty years’ experience in the industry, it’s easy to see why.

Our dedicated and professional team of uPVC sliding sash window installers specialise in installing your double glazed windows to their highest possible standard. Throughout the work, we’ll do our utmost to cause you minimal disturbance – completing all renovations at a time that best suits you. We treat your home with the utmost care, ensuring we leave your property in the exact way we found it.

Finally, we never outsource any of our uPVC sliding sash installations. Why would we? We’ve spent the past forty years building a highly respectable local reputation, which is why our customers keep coming back time after time. We feel that outsourcing the work could compromise our trusted reputation – therefore it’s simply not an option.

Customer service, along with a quality product, is paramount to our company. When you choose to work with Marathon Windows, you choose a company who are there with you every step of the way. A company who will answer and return your calls. A company who cares.

If you have any questions throughout the installation of your uPVC sliding sash window, all you need do is ask. One of our experienced and approachable team members will be more than happy to give you a full working demonstration and answer any questions you may have.

uPVC sliding sash windows

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Functionality

Our uPVC Sliding Sash windows are manufactured from the toughest, and most resilient materials available. All components of the uPVC sliding sash window – lock, frame, runners, hinges, and glass are manufactured from the best possible materials. The combination of high quality materials, exceptional build quality and a professional installation ensure your uPVC Sliding Sash window will last for years and years.

Here at Marathon, we strive to give all of our customers the best possible product quality for the most competitive price. To retain the quality of your uPVC sliding sash windows, a quick wash down every once in a while is required. Removing the inevitable build-up of dirt and grit.

Double glazing Marathon Windows Epsom Surrey Stable doors logo

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Energy Efficiency

Start saving money on your expensive heating bills today with our uPVC sliding sash windows. A combination of a clever design and double glazing highlight these uPVC windows as one of the most desirable on the current market.

Double glazing works by fitting two panes of glass within a lightweight, reinforced uPVC frame. The measurement has to be precise! Too much and the technology simply won’t work.

A thin layer of air is trapped within the frame, creating what is commonly known as a thermal blanket. The stationary air particles prevent cold air from gaining access to your home, and warm air from leaving.

security epsom

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Security

Security is an aspect of your uPVC sliding sash window that we take extremely seriously. The security and well being of yourself and your loved ones means just as much to us as it does to you. We work alongside if not the biggest names in the home security industry, supplying your home with toughened stainless steel locks.

The stainless steel locks have been tested and redeveloped multiple times to make certain they provide maximum security. Furthermore, all of our double glazed windows (sliding sash included) are fitted with toughened and strengthened glass.

Double glazing Marathon Windows Epsom Surrey online quote

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Prices

Looking to transform your property with our uPVC Sliding Sash windows this summer and looking to find out just how competitive our prices are? Why not obtain your free online quote? It’s fast and ever so easy to do. Just visit the online quote section of our website, completing the details of the window you are most interested in and click go. You’ll receive your free quote in seconds, and be able to look over it at any time.

Are you looking for a reputable supplier of aluminium bi-fold doors? Here at Marathon, we specialise in supplying and installing tailor made aluminium bi-fold doors throughout Surrey and the surrounding areas. If you make just one home improvement in 2016, make sure it’s an aluminium bi-fold door. This month we talk about the security benefits of investing one of our aluminium bi-fold doors, plus our dedication to customer satisfaction. 

aluminium bi-fold doors surrey

Our Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors and Supplier

Here at Marathon, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality aluminium bi-fold doors. Designed to magnify the appearance of your home whilst offering unrivalled security and energy efficiency. We work alongside the largest supplier of aluminium bi-fold doors to deliver the best bi-fold doors in Surrey.

Why Choose Marathon Windows for your Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors in Surrey?

When you choose Marathon Windows for your aluminium bi-fold doors, you employ a team of home improvement engineers with over forty years’ experience in supplying and fitting made to measure products.

Unlike many other companies in our industry, we never outsource any of our work. Why would we? There’s a reason why we’ve lasted so long, that reason is our unbeatable reputation for build quality and value for money throughout Surrey.

When we’ve finished working on your property, we’ll ensure we leave your property exactly the way we found it (minus one new set of aluminium bi-fold doors). Furthermore, we promise to cause minimal home intrusion when working on your property. Fitting your bespoke aluminium bi-fold doors at a time that best suits you.


yale surrey aluminium bi-fold doors

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors and Security

As professional home improvement specialists we fully appreciate and understand your concerns about home security. Have total peace of mind that, as one of Surrey’s leading suppliers of aluminium bi-fold doors, your security is our primary focus. It’s at the forefront of every product we supply and fit, nothing means more to us then the safety and well-being of yourself and your loved ones. You can have total peace of mind that each and every one of our aluminium bi-fold doors are manufactured from the highest quality, recycled products.

Security is in the very bones of our aluminium bi-fold doors, both in the design and the stainless steel locks fitted within the frame.

You may be asking how, apart from fitting locks, can a bi-folding door be designed to be secure? Through logical placement and reinforcement. Essentially, all of our locks and hinge are built into the core of the structure. Making them completely unreachable by potential burglars. Furthermore, this design protects the locks and hinges from potential corrosive weather conditions. Helping your aluminium bi-fold door retain their effortless functionality year after year.

Here at Marathon windows we are extremely proud of our close business relationship with Yale, who help us install some of the most robust locks available. We have such confidence in the functionality and build quality of our multi-point locks that we fully support and back Yale’s generous guarantees, which are as follow:

–          Ten Year Malfunction Guarantee – Yale offer a ten-year malfunction guarantee through usual wear and tear. This means that your Yale lock is guaranteed to last for at least ten years without replacing any of the parts. Furthermore, your robust Yale lock will need absolutely no fiddly maintenance, effortless security from one of the largest lock manufacturers.

–          £1000 towards Home Contents Insurance – In the extremely unlikely event of a break in, at the fault of your aluminium bi-fold doors lock, you shall be entitled to up to £1000 towards home contents insurance from Yale.

It’s not just locks and a cutting edge design which partner up to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Don’t forget, we have over forty years’ experience in supplying and fitting home improvement products.

Whilst working on your property in Surrey, we’ll answer any questions you may have regarding the security of your aluminium bi-folding doors. What’s more, we’ll make sure you have a full understanding of the security features before leaving your property. If you have any follow up questions or concerns regarding the security of aluminium bi-fold door, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01372 740706 – we are always happy to advise and help you.

Origin Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Final Words from Marathon Windows

Thank you for taking the time to read this month’s blog, we hope it has been of use to you. In conclusion, we strive to offer the most secure aluminium bi-fold doors in Surrey. We exercise a no compromise approach to the protection of yourself and your family. Get complete peace of mind when you invest in our beautiful bi-fold doors.

Online Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Prices

Do you feel that your Surrey home could benefit from our made to measure, aluminium bi-fold doors? Or, are you just interested to discover just how competitive our prices are? Here at Marathon Windows, we’ve made obtaining a free online quote quick and easy. Visit the contact form on our website providing the measurements and specifications of the bi-folding door you’re interested in and we’ll get back to. One of our friendly advisors will answer any questions you may have, explain our unique installation techniques and provide you with a unique, no pressure quote.

Choose Marathon Windows for bespoke aluminium bi-doors throughout Surrey and the surrounding areas.

Marathon Windows Double Glazing Surrey

Aluminium Bi-Fold doors, the pinnacle of design meets technology. An intelligent investment to make to your Surrey home this Summer. Here at Marathon, we pride ourselves in offering bespoke aluminium bi-fold doors which push the boundaries of security and energy efficiency. A door which fits into any environment, blending in effortlessly to the surroundings – much like a Chameleon. Perfect for modern and period properties alike.

aluminium bi-fold doors surrey

Question one, why spend the extra on aluminium bi-fold doors over cheaper plastic alternatives? They both look relatively similar, they function in almost the same way, and they will both offer you tremendous panoramic views of your little slice of Surrey. In this month’s blog, we’ll explore what has made aluminium bi-fold doors so popular, and the advantages they hold over plastic alternatives.

Before this though, we’d like to tell you a little about ourselves. Marathon, the most secure name in Aluminium bi-fold doors throughout Surrey.

About Marathon and their Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

We like to think of ourselves as your local home improvements experts. Specialising in supplying and fitting the highest quality aluminium bi-fold doors at the most competitive prices.

We only supply and install products which are designed and developed to improve the maximise the security of your Surrey home and help to minimise the carbon footprint. In a matter of fact, your security and our environment are two crucial factors which has led us to become one of the most respected aluminium bi-fold door suppliers in Surrey.

When it comes to working on your property, our tailor made approach to customer service and satisfaction win out every single time. We work with you to ensure minimal intrusion to your day to day life when working on your home. How? In a word, trust. Admittedly a slightly contemporary answer but allow us to explain.

It’s not a case of shoving possibly fabricated reviews from Mr. and Mrs. John under your nose and saying ‘we did good there, we’ll do good for you too.’ We have worked exceptionally hard since the word go, back in 1975.

We have over forty years’ experience in delivering beautiful, head turning home improvements throughout Surrey – and our Aluminium bi-folding doors are the crème de la crème.

aluminium bi-fold doors in surrey

Answering the Question

In case you’re in a hurry, we’ll quickly answer our earlier question of what makes aluminium bi-fold doors the favoured choice over a plastic set. Aluminium bi-fold doors have gained such popularity because they do everything a plastic bi-folding door will do, just that little bit better.

One effortless operation of our aluminium bi-fold doors and you’ll realise what we’re going on about. Our aluminium doors offer superior functionality, designed with your security and expensive energy bills in mind.

The difference between plastic bi-fold doors and aluminium bi-folding doors is like the difference between a fast food cheeseburger and a freshly prepared gourmet one. In essence, they are the same the thing. One bun, spurt of sauce, couple of pickles, bit of beef and cheese.

But which would you rather have? A relatively tasteless treat, served with a sweaty bun in a noisy restaurant. Or, a freshly made peppered steak meat burger, complete with homemade bun, light melted French cheese with crunchy peppers, big slice of tomato served on a heated plate with views of a harbour.

Possibly not the best analogy, but it’s near lunch time and we’re all peckish.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors and Origin

Here at Marathon, we value our close business relationship with masters of aluminium bi-fold doors. We work with Origin, the most respected name in the aluminium manufacturing industry. A name which represents excellence, quality and professionalism – much like us.

Origin started back in 2002, when cousins Neil Ginger and Victoria Brocklesby recognised a gap in the market. In essence, they designed and recreated quality aluminium bi-fold doors with unopposable levels of security and energy efficiency.

With over 14 years’ experience in creating, reinvesting and commitment to producing the finest aluminium bi-fold doors on the current market. Origin have, without argument, grown to become one of the most important names in the home improvements industry this side of the millennium.

We fully support and back Origin’s industry leading twenty year guarantee.

origin aluminium bi-fold doors surrey

Our Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

We work with Origin to produce the most stylish and sophisticated aluminium bi-fold doors, the number one choice for period and modern town houses alike. A revolutionary and advanced folding system, a real head turner, guaranteed to add security and increase the value of your Surrey home.

Completely retractable, aluminium bi-fold doors take up minimal space and need little maintenance throughout their long life span.

Low threshold, British manufacturing and two decades of guarantees. The perfect bi-fold door.

Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors Security

As home improvement experts, it is our duty to provide all of our customers with the most secure products on the market. To do this we’ve partnered up with one of the strongest names in locks, Yale.

Yale remain amongst the top manufacturers and designers of locks; a respected house hold name, Britain’s favourite lock. The multi point lock used in our aluminium bi-fold doors is both compact and robust. Crafted from the highest quality stainless steel, and strategically placed within the frame of the bi-fold door – out of sight, out of mind. Far away from prying eyes of would be thieves and corrosive weather conditions.

Putting their money where their mouth is, Yale offer some of the most tempting guarantees and warranties. To start with, Yale offer a ten year guarantee against mechanical malfunction. Furthermore, in the extremely unlikely event of a break in (at fault of the lock) Yale will give you up to £1000 towards home contents insurance.

yale surrey aluminium bi-fold doors

Final Words from Marathon

To summarise, if you are looking for the highest quality attractive aluminium bi-fold doors for your Surrey home, choose Marathon. We have over forty experience in supplying and fitting bespoke aluminium bi-fold doors throughout Surrey. With the most competitive prices on the highest quality work, increase the value of your Surrey home with aluminium bi-fold doors.

Obtaining an Online Quote for Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

If you are interested in aluminium bi-folding doors for your home in Surrey, contact us for your free non obligation quote. Our team of highly experienced and friendly staff will contact you at a time which best suits. We’ll be able to give you further details, take you through the installation process and give you a free quote.

Double Glazing Surrey

Is double glazing worth your attention? Would your Surrey home be affected in any way by double glazing, and if so, how? Marathon Windows pride themselves in supplying and installing the highest quality double-glazed windows throughout Surrey. Opt for double glazing this summer, speak to the experts at Marathon.

double glazing surrey

This month, Marathon Windows talk double glazing and the wonders it will do for your home. First things first, allow us to tell you a little about ourselves and why we are considered to be one of the finest double glazing suppliers throughout Surrey.

We are Marathon Windows, a family-run business based in the rambling green hills of Epsom, Surrey. We have quite the history, starting off in the double glazing industry back in 1975! And, asides from growing in popularity, we have pretty much remained the same since. Surrey’s local double glazing experts.

Offering the highest quality double glazed windows, doors and conservatories throughout the county, our team of highly trained professionals go the extra mile to ensure that you are totally satisfied with all the work before we sign it off.

double glazed windows


How Does Double Glazing Work?

Might sound like a bit of a no-brainer, but we feel it’s important for all of our customers to know a little about the technology behind double glazing.

We like to think of double glazing as the little miracle for the home improvements industry. Double-glazing reduces your expensive monthly heating bills, eradicates a noticeable amount of noise pollution and improves the security of your home. Even without mentioning the robust compact steel locks that grip the window to the frame.

Double glazing works by fitting two panes of glass at an optimum distance, the measurement of this space is vitally important to ensure the energy saving values are as effective as they possibly can be.

energy efficient double glazing

The two panes of glass enclose a layer of air between them. The space is too small to allow the air to move about, if it did the particles would expand and contract allowing air to flow through effortlessly. Instead of doing this, the air remains in the same place, creating what is known in the industry as a thermal blanket.

This thermal blanket prevents unwanted cold air from passing through, and traps your warm expensive heating inside. Thus utilizing your homes energy performance, and decreasing your expensive monthly heating bills.

Finally, fancy having a guess at how much energy your home can lose from bad quality windows and doors? Suprisingly, research carried out by the National Insulation Association has shown poor windows and doors can be responsible for a whopping 20% of your homes total energy wastage. This is a tremendously high number, amounting to an unnecessarily high heating bill.

Double Glazing and Security

Marathon Windows prioritises your home’s security over anything else. Why? As professional home improvement experts it is our duty to ensure that our products are fitted as securely as possible. Creating the safe home you and your family deserve. Does double glazing improve the safety of your home?

In a word, yes. Double glazing enables us to be able to cleverly design your windows, doors and conservatories to maximize your home’s security. Ever heard the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind?’ – Of course you have, and it’s this commonly used phrase that perfectly summarises double glazing and security.

Double glazed windows Surrey

Let’s examine single glazed windows for a second. The lock can either be on the outside or the inside. So, thieves could either break the window and hack the lock; or just hack the lock and have done with it.

Double glazing allows us to be able to fit locks and hinges inside your window! Totally unreachable, safe behind toughened and reinforced glass. Plus, all of our windows are internally beaded, fixing the glass to the frame. Making the pane impossible to remove.

Parting Words from Marathon Windows

We hope that you have found this month’s blog post informative, and useful. If you would like to learn more about double glazing then feel free to call one of our friendly and well-versed members of staff. We are only too happy to tell you more about our double glazing.

We genuinely do believe that we offer the finest double glazing in Surrey. We have an extensive collection of uPVC windows, doors and conservatories. Each unit tailor made to your specifications, ensuring you are left with a product you are truly happy with.


energy efficient double glalzing


As previously mentioned, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for all of our customers. We will work with you to provide you with windows, doors and conservatories that complement the aesthetics the your Surrey home.

We work with some of the biggest names in the industry, ensuring the highest quality every single time. We never out source our work, and treat your Surrey property with the respect it deserves.

Online Double Glazing Quote

Do you feel that Marathon Windows could help you with your double-glazing? Or, are you interested in discovering just how competitive our prices are? Well, generating your unique online quote could not be easier. Simply fill in the short form and click send. That’s it, there’s your quote.

Or, if you’d prefer to have a relaxed conversation, use our online contact form. A member of staff will contact you at a time that best suits you. We can answer any questions you may have, take you through our installation process and even offer you a quote over the phone.

Choose the extra mile. Choose Marathon Windows.

Composite doors are a guaranteed way to improve greatly improve the aesthetics of your Surrey home and create a stunning entrance to your Surrey home. In fact, composite doors are by far the most adaptable product on the market, with hundreds of colour and hardware variations available. Increase the value of your Surrey property, improve the security and reduce your expensive monthly heating bills. A brand new composite door could be the smartest investment you make this year. And here at Marathon Windows, your choice is limitless.

Before we discuss composite door variations, energy bills and security; allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Marathon Windows, based in Coulsdon Surrey. In fact, we have a couple of showrooms for our customers to visit. One in Coulsdon, and another in Epsom. Both demonstrating our highly versatile composite door with friendly and informative staff on hand to help you.

We are a family run and managed business, with over forty years’ experience in providing the highest quality home improvement products throughout Coulsdon, Epsom and other nearby Surrey areas. Our commitment to highly competitive prices, impeccable customer service and top quality products has lead us to become one of the trusted and valued companies in Surrey.

Choose Marathon Windows for no pressure sales and genuine advice when designing a composite door for your Surrey home. Our caring team of highly skilled and trained professionals will always provide you with advice for your needs, building a trusted relationship. Here at Marathon, we have seen composite doors grow to be one of our top sellers throughout our forty years of trading…and here’s why.

composite doors in surrey

Why Are Composite Doors So Popular?

In a nutshell, Composite doors are alluring and totally secure. Succeeding in lowering the cost of your expensive energy bills and giving your property an entrance that you can be proud of. Our variety of designs and colour schemes ensure we can craft a door that complements the aesthetics of your Surrey property, creating an impressive entrance which will increase the value of your home. Composite doors are an investment not only to your security but your fast pass to lower energy bills and a cosmetic upgrade to your home. In fact, if you’re reading this as a property developer you may want to give serious thought to investing in a composite door. The majority of buyers make up their mind before they even enter your home, make a lasting impression.


Maintaining Your Composite Door

Unlike timber doors, on which our composite doors are designed to replicate, composite doors require little to no maintenance to in regards to keeping their effortless operation throughout their life. Essentially, composite doors succeed in housing everything that makes wooden doors attractive whilst losing their difficult upkeep.

When you invest in a composite door you’ll never need to set aside a weekend to renovate it by removing the door from the hinges, damaging your dicky hip in the process and returning the now ill fitted door because you got the measurements wrong. Unlike traditional wooden doors, our composite doors are simply unaffected by harmful and corrosive weather conditions. Your composite door will never rot, become misshapen ad lose their colour.

The most you’ll ever have to do to one of our composite doors is give the concealed hinges a wash off with hot soapy water once in a while. Just to remove any dirt and grit which inevitably builds up through general wear and tear. Asides from this, we guarantee that your composite door will retain its thermal and security values for many years to come.


composite door


Energy Saving Technology That Works

Perhaps the main reason customers opt for composite doors over cheaper plastic alternatives is the energy saving technology which they contain. If you’re looking to save money on expensive energy bills, this is the perfect door for you!

Fancy hazarding a guess at the percentage of energy waste an ill fitted, or badly constructed door could cost you? 5% perhaps, 10% at a push. Nope. It’s way higher! Alarmingly a study carried out by the National Insulation Association shows that a poorly fitted door could be responsible for up to 20% of your total energy bill.

Composite doors contain rigid foam insulation core and solid GRP outer layer to retain your homes energy, which help to reduce your monthly energy bills. Our entire range of composite doors come with a standard B rating! To put things simply, our composite doors retain up to six times more heat than cheaper plastic alternatives.

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Composite Doors Security

As expert home engineers, we recognise and adhere to the responsibility of keeping yourself and your loved ones safe and sound. That’s why we ensure each of our composite doors are fitted with security features you can rely on, preventing would be burglars from entering your home.

For starters, all locks and hinges are built into our composite doors. Meaning they are difficult to locate and access. If a potential burglar cannot see the locks and hinges, how on earth could they know the level of security they are up against?


Secondly, all of our locks and hinges are made from the highest quality stainless steel available. Heavy duty components that are built to stand the test of time, repel break ins and ensure the safety of yourself and loved ones. Have peace of mind with Marathon Windows, why not ask for a security demonstration at one of our showrooms?


Online Quote for Composite Doors

Marathon Windows have simplified the process for securing competitive online quotes. Why not generate yours in under five minutes? Our online quoting engine is free and ever so easy to use, simply fill in the details of the products you desire and retrieve your quote, it’s that easy!

Or, if you’d rather, why not use our contact form to discover more about our composite doors? Simply fill in the online form with your query and one of our polite and informative staff will get back to you at a time that best suits.

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Composite Front Doors Coulsdon

What benefits would a composite door gift your Epsom property with? What advantages do composite doors have over uPVC, and traditional timber doors? Composite doors are a revolutionary product, designed to dramatically improve energy efficiency and security in your Epsom home. In our latest blog, we will explore the benefits of investing in a composite door. 

Firstly though, who are we? We are Marathon Windows, Epsom’s local professional home renovation company. We are a family ran and family owned company, with over forty years trading experience. We started serving the local community back in 1975! We specialise in supplying a vast range of uPVC and Composite products.



Why Invest In A Composite Door?

Composite doors are a drastic upgrade to plastic alternatives. They are designed to withstand corrosive weather conditions, improve your Epsom properties security and require minimal maintenance throughout their long life. Keep your home secure and save money on your expensive energy bills by investing in a composite door this Winter.

A composite door is like a traditional timber door, wearing a suit of armour. They are designed to capture the simplistic and attractive looks of wood, minus the drawbacks of old fashioned and outdated doors. By this we mean that, unlike wood, a composite door will not rot or warp.

Therefore you don’t need to set aside 4 hours of your precious weekend to ultimately end up spraining your back and cutting your fingers open by removing the door and planing it level to the frame.

So, why won’t you end up in A and E when you invest in a composite door? Composite doors are made to last, meaning that you will not need to experience the trauma of removing a door and working on it in your free time. In fact, after our in house team of professionals have installed your door, you’ll never need to paint, varnish or treat your door. The highest quality, guaranteed for an entire decade.

Composite Doors and Energy Efficiency

We don’t need to tell you just how important it is for everyone to play their part in the well being of the planet. What’s fact is every small, environment conscious act snowballs to big change. Choose environmentally friendly solutions, help to eradicate global wastage and lower your expensive heating bills. Composite doors are built to last. Built to resist harsh, cold weather conditions. Built to keep warm air inside and the cold winds out.

Alarmingly, research has proven that as much as 20% of your heating simply passes through ill fitted windows and doors. What are your yearly heating bills? £1200? £1300? Let’s take the latter as an example, working our way forward, using the statistic as an example.

£1200 heating bill per year, with a 20% loss through poorly fitted and inadequate windows and doors. Per month, you essentially open the door walk over to a drain, open your wallet and drop a tenner in it.

You do that every month, and that’s your car insurance sorted for the year. You do that for the entire guarantee of your brand new energy efficient composite door, and that’s a staggering £1200 pounds! Or, a cheeky all inclusive summer holiday in Barcelona for yourself and partner.


How Are Composite Doors Made?

Composite Doors are a pretty straight forward idea, executed with advanced technology. Composite doors are covered in an outer skin of durable glass reinforced plastics and have a rigid foam core inside. The foam core make the composite door its energy efficient edge.

Here at Marathon Windows, we treasure our close business relationship with one of the largest manufacturers of composite doors in Europe. Marathon Windows proudly work alongside Eurocell to deliver our customers with best composite doors on the market.

Eurocell and Composite Doors

Why have we chosen to work with Eurocell to provide us with top of the range, composite doors? And, what do Eurocell do that’s different to any one else?

Eurocell are the UK’s largest manufacturer of high quality composite and uPVC products. The company have a solid commitment to recycling, and are constantly investing in developing new cutting edge products. With design, usability and energy efficiency in mind.

Eurocell started back in 1974! From the word go they recognised the importance and their responsibility in growing an ethical company. They based their entire company on plastic extrusion based on precision engineering. Some twenty one years later, Eurocell officially opened their first plastics branch. Since that time, business has been booming.

Currently, Eurocell operate from a state of the art factory in, Derbyshire. This eighty thousand square foot purpose built factory is the company’s mother ship, the main hub of a company that currently employ well over one thousand people, making daily deliveries across the UK.


Long Life Composite Doors

We ensure that all of our composite doors are fitted with the highest quality stainless steel hardware on the market. Our entire range of composite doors come with a decade long guarantee against swelling, de lamination and warping. We offer low threshold options, assuring easy access for prams and wheelchairs. Finally, get peace of mind with the knowledge that our composite doors are highly secure.


Online Quote

Tempted to upgrade to a brand new composite door but need more information? Or, are you simply interested to find out how little it would cost you to fit an energy efficient composite door to your Epsom property?

Here at Marathon Windows, we have a free and easy to use online quote generator. Simply fill in your details, the requirements and quantities of your desired products and press go. We’ll get back to you ASAP with a competitive quote, including any reductions and, of course, a professional installation!

Or, if you’d prefer, why not give one of our friendly professional team members a call? Our in house team of installation engineers are more than happy to talk you through the installation process, answer any questions on composite doors or give you an estimate over the phone. Give us a call today on 01372 740706.

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