Double Glazing in Purley

Double Glazing in Purley

We offer the highest quality double glazing solutions for your Purley home with an incredible performance.

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Double Glazed Windows and Doors in Purley

Are you tired of your home feeling draughty and cold? Do you want to reduce your energy bills and create a more comfortable living environment for you and your family? If so, you may want to consider investing in double glazing for your property in Purley.

At Marathon Windows, we’re passionate about helping homeowners improve their properties with the latest technology and highest-quality materials, accredited by Secure by Design.

As a FENSA and Which? Trust Traders registered company, here is why we think double glazing is a great option for homeowners in Purley who are looking to upgrade their windows and doors!

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Thermally Efficient

One of the main benefits of our double glazing products is their thermal efficiency, and our door and windows prove that by having a Window Energy Rating (WER) of ‘A’! By using two panes of glass with a gap in between, double glazing is able to significantly reduce heat loss from your home, keeping it warmer and more comfortable throughout the year. This is especially important during the colder months, when you want to retain as much heat as possible and avoid wasting energy on unnecessary heating.

In addition to keeping your home warmer, double glazing can also help to reduce external noise levels. The extra layer of glass acts as a barrier to sound, making it an ideal choice for properties located on busy roads or near noisy neighbours.

Safe and Secure

Another key benefit of double glazing is its increased security. Compared to single glazed windows, double glazing is much more difficult to break, making it a good choice for homeowners concerned about intruders.

At Marathon Windows, we only use the highest-quality materials and fittings accredited by Secure by Design, ensuring that your new windows and doors are as secure as possible.


Our double glazed windows come in a range of styles and finishes to suit your property’s aesthetic and functional needs. From traditional sash windows to modern tilt and turn designs, we can help you find the perfect solution for your home. Our windows are all made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum energy efficiency.

We offer a wide range of window options, including uPVC windows, tilt & turn windows, casement windows, sash windows, and flush casement windows. No matter which option you choose, you’ll receive double glazing as standard and have the option to choose from a range of colours. Our colour choices include cream, grey, Irish oak, golden oak, rosewood, and white, giving you the flexibility to blend your colours with your current style or make a bold statement.

If you’re looking for an authentic wooden look with the benefits of uPVC performance, our woodgrain effects are textured in colour, ensuring that you get the best of both worlds! Our uPVC double glazing is BBA certified and manufactured by Eurocell, giving you peace of mind that you’re getting high-quality, sustainable windows for your Purley property.

In fact, our double glazed windows are made from 100% recycled materials, making them an eco-friendly option for your home. Not convinced? We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 10-year guarantee on all our double glazed windows. With our low-maintenance windows, all you need to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth to keep them looking as good as new. So, if you’re looking for a long-lasting, sustainable, and stylish window option for your home, look no further than Marathon Windows.

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In addition to our double glazed windows, we also offer a range of high-quality doors to suit any property. Whether you’re looking for a classic wooden front door or a sleek and modern aluminium option, we can help you find the perfect match. All of our doors are designed to be secure, energy-efficient and long-lasting, giving you peace of mind and added value for your investment!

All of our doors come with double glazing as standard, providing improved thermal performance for your home. Even our patio doors are designed with extremely low U-values, ensuring that no heat will escape from your Purley home. With our doors, you’ll also benefit from increased thermal efficiency and optimal light transmission, which will open up your space and let in more sunlight. It’s the perfect combination for any homeowner.

If you’re looking for a space-saving option, our slimline sliding doors are ideal for smaller homes as they don’t require any swing or folding space. This means you’ll get the illusion of a larger room without sacrificing valuable space. No matter what your home looks like, Marathon Windows has the perfect double glazing solution for you.

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Double Glazing Prices in Purley

For those looking for double glazing services in Purley, we invite you to try our online quoting engine for a free, no-obligation quotation. It’s quick and easy to use, allowing you to get an estimate for your project right away.

Alternatively, if you prefer to speak with us directly, you can reach us at 01372 740 706. Our friendly team is always happy to answer any questions you may have and provide further information on our services.

You can also fill out our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you promptly. We’re committed to providing exceptional customer service, and we look forward to working with you soon!

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