uPVC Doors, Croydon

uPVC Doors, Croydon

Gorgeous uPVC doors, tailored for your Croydon home.

uPVC Doors for Croydon Homes

uPVC doors are an excellent choice for any home in Croydon, no matter what style or age. These double glazed doors give you amazing features and stunning style. They do so because of the innate properties of uPVC and innovative engineering.

Our uPVC doors from Eurocell give you everything you would need from a door. They are durable and resilient. As a result, they resist any attacks from potential intruders. Additionally, we fit them with secure locking systems.

They also give you great insulation and weather protection, keeping your home warm and dry at all times. What’s more, they come in a range of colours and finishes so that you can tailor their appearance to your needs.

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Stunning uPVC Door Styles

At Marathon Windows, we provide our customers with a comprehensive selection of double glazed uPVC doors. As a result, you are more likely to find the ideal style for your needs. Whether you need front doors or back doors, interior or exterior doors, our collection will be sure to have something for you. Here are the uPVC door designs that we offer.

uPVC Residential Doors

Your front doors welcome visitors to your home and help create that all-important first impression. These doors also serve to keep unwanted visitors out. This is why we offer a range of attractive and secure uPVC residential doors. Our double glazed front doors can effectively refresh the look of your Croydon home while keeping it safe.

uPVC Stable Doors

Stable doors were a door style limited to rural properties. However, it is now a quirky way to control the security, privacy, ventilation, and the illumination of your home. The split-level door allows you to get in air and light while preventing young children and pets from running out. You can also use it to give them access to the outdoors while maintaining your privacy.

uPVC French Doors

If you want large uPVC doors for your patio that also give you a spectacular view of your garden, our uPVC French doors will do the job beautifully. These large double glazed uPVC doors offer an easy access to your patio. What’s more, their vast glazed areas allow you an unobstructed view even when the doors are shut! Besides, these doors add a stunningly chic European flair to your home, in addition to their fantastic thermal performance.

uPVC Patio Doors

Our uPVC sliding patio doors are perfect for areas where you want a large opening but don’t have the space for a wide swing arc. These doors slide on a track and effectively optimise your usable area. What’s more, they have a large glazed area, effectively making them spectacular windows when not being used as doors.

uPVC Bi-Fold Doors

Our uPVC bi-folding doors act as beautiful design features as much as they are doors. These large doors can be used in limited spaces to manage spaces! Since they open up by folding into narrow panels, you get almost the entire aperture to use. What’s more, they can be customised to any size, even replacing an entire wall.

uPVC Doors - Bi-Fold Doors Croydon

Thermally Efficient Double Glazed uPVC Doors

If you want a warmer home even in winter, our uPVC doors can help you optimise your heating usage. These robust doors offer a clever broken up profile. The chambers inside the frames help to trap warm air and break convection currents. As a result, the frames don’t let the heat escape from your home.

Additionally, our FENSA-approved installation means that your uPVC doors are fitted reliably and in compliance with regulations.Our double glazing is of the highest quality. It works in conjunction with the uPVC profile from Eurocell to give you a heat efficient home.

However, that is not all. Their high-quality seals keep out cold draughts and rainwater seepage even in the worst of weather. This also adds to the overall warmth of your rooms, and reduces your energy usage.

Secure Doors for Your Croydon Home

In addition to reducing your energy bills, our uPVC doors also add to the security of your home. Our doors are fitted with high-quality hardware that is tamper-proof and often concealed. As a result, no one can easily dismantle or break into them. We also fit them with state-of-the-art locking systems, so you and your family get complete protection.

Tailor the style and finish of your uPVC doors

Tailored Doors for Custom Style

All our uPVC doors are available in a selection of colours and finishes, including woodgrain foils. As a result, you can customise your doors to your needs. You can match them to the décor of your home, the style of the exteriors, and your taste. You can even choose the style and finish of the door furniture on your uPVC doors.

uPVC Door Prices, Croydon

To get an instant uPVC door quote for your Croydon home improvement needs, try our online quoting engine. This tool will give you instant uPVC doors prices calculated according to your specifications.

You can also get in touch with us with your questions. We will gladly answer all your queries and give you a no-obligation uPVC door quote. Contact us now and give your Croydon home the great doors it deserves!

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