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Create a Stunning Entrance with New Sliding Doors in Epsom

You can create the most stunning entrance to your outdoor space with a sliding door in Epsom. These simply amazing double glazed doors are designed to create maximum visual impact, restyling your home and enhancing your lifestyle experience.

Whether you choose a patio door or a bi-fold door, you are in for a superb home improvement with sliding doors from Marathon Windows. We are experts in double glazing installation, so your new doors will be fitted to the highest standards.

We also work with only the best manufacturers, ensuring that our sliding doors are crafted to achieve exceptional quality and performance.

Have a look at our guide to sliding doors in Epsom, and see how our superb range can enhance your home.

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uPVC Sliding Doors in Epsom

Our uPVC range of sliding doors are created by the incredible manufacturer Eurocell. You can expect unrivalled quality and performance, as Eurocell are experts in double glazing manufacturer.

Every sliding door, whether patio or bi-fold, is constructed using state of the art technology, so that your home benefits from superior energy efficiency and security.

Our uPVC sliding doors incorporate the latest innovations in double glazing to ensure that they offer exceptional thermal performance. They work to trap warmth within your home and eliminate cold draughts. This ensures that no matter how cold the weather is outside, your Epsom home will be cosy and comfortable.

It also means that your home will stay warmer for longer, letting you use less heating, and so your energy bills will be reduced. Just one of the many amazing features of our uPVC sliding doors!

Any entrance to your home has to be secure and keep you, your family and your property safe. Our doors are super secure. They have strong and robust profiles and advanced locking systems that provide the highest levels of security. In fact, our bi-fold doors are even BBA approved for your peace of mind.

When you choose uPVC sliding doors from our range, you can be completely confident that your home and family are protected against unwanted intruders.

Of course, every homeowner has different tastes, and so what suits one, may not be right for someone else. With our uPVC sliding doors, you will benefit from a range of configuration options so that you can find the perfect fit for your property, and you can customise your new sliding doors with a range of beautiful colour finishes.

Our sliding doors are completely weather proof, and only ever require occasional cleaning to keep them looking spectacular and performing at optimum levels. They have exceptional smooth glide opening systems that are robust and durable, so you will get many years of effortless operation with no maintenance!

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Aluminium Sliding Doors in Epsom

If uPVC isn’t the right option for your Epsom home improvements, than aluminium sliding doors could be just the stylish entrance that you are looking for.

Aluminium is an incredibly strong material, which makes it great for double glazing, as you can enjoy ultra-slim frames, giving you superb viewing areas.

This natural strength is also fantastic for creating secure sliding doors, and with our range from Origin, you can count on exceptional home protection. Aluminium is almost indestructible, and we fit high-security Yale shootbolt locks and an 8-point multipoint lock which fires steel bolts 20 millimetres into the top and bottom of the door frames.

Our superior sliding doors are also fitted with a deadbolt, and an anti-lift latch mechanism. As if this wasn’t secure enough, they even have an anti-tamper running system and security hinges. When it comes to home protection, nothing beats our aluminium sliding doors.

The aluminium sliding doors that we provide also benefit from Origin’s innovative safety features, such as child safe gaskets and slam-proof magnets. Your family and pets will be protected from harm with the Origin range.

Aluminium was once thought of as a cold material, making it inefficient when it came to thermal performance. Modern developments have changed all that, and our Origin bi-fold doors are fantastic for energy efficiency, meeting Building Regulations as a minimum!

In addition to all this, aluminium sliding doors will protect you against even the worst of the British weather, and with minimal effort, your new bi-fold doors will never warp, rot or discolour, providing you with many years of brilliant performance and style.

In fact, they are so hard wearing and durable, they come with a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee!

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Sliding Door Prices Epsom

Why not get in contact with our friendly team and find out more? We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you to find the best sliding doors for your Epsom home and your budget.

Our sliding doors prices are cost effective, and highly competitive, keeping your Epsom home improvements affordable. You can get an instant online quote, or ask your advisor.

Enhance Your Redhill Home with Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Aluminium bi-fold doors will create a splendid entrance to your Redhill garden. These fantastic double glazed doors offer an entrancing glass wall that gives you a practical entrance to your garden, creating a greater living space.

These stunning sliding doors will link your home and garden to give you an enhanced experience of your property. Bi-folding doors are an impressive home improvement that adds elegance and style to your home by creating a seamless connection to your outside space.

Marathon work with market leading manufacturers Origin to create perfect aluminium bi-fold doors for your home.

Read on to get more information on the benefits and features of aluminium bi-folding doors.

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Revolutionary Origin Design

We install Origin bi-fold doors across Redhill, they are revolutionary, created from an original, modern design that offers exceptional quality.

Our elegant aluminium bi-fold doors are created with a unique running system. The high-quality, fully concealed running gear is protected against tampering and completely weatherproof.

They will provide your Redhill home with year after year of superb performance, as the high grade aluminium used in the creation of these doors is of the highest standards, giving you a robust and strong profile.


Guaranteed to Last

Our aluminium bi-fold doors are designed to last for many years. The inherent strength of the aluminium frame combined with the state of the art technology and high quality design all works together to create a long term double glazed door.

The exceptional performance of our aluminium bi-fold doors is so reliable, that they come with an unrivalled 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

You will be able to experience many years of smooth operation and a durable bi-fold door when you choose our aluminium sliding doors.

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Easy to Maintain, High Performance

Choosing aluminium bi-fold doors will enhance your Redhill home and lifestyle in many ways, and one of the best is the lack of maintenance. All you will need to do to keep these double glazed doors in perfect condition, is give them the occasional clean.

Our aluminium sliding doors are designed to operate at the highest level with the lowest amount of maintenance possible for many years. This means that unlike traditional wooden doors, there will be no costly or time consuming regular maintenance.


High Security Double Glazing

We’ve already mentioned the tamper resistant running mechanism, but the high security features of our aluminium bi-folding doors don’t end there.

The aluminium sliding doors that we install in Redhill are fitted with Yale Shootbolt locks as standard and an 8-point multipoint lock which fires steel bolts 20 millimetres into the top and bottom of the aluminium door frames. They are also built with a deadbolt, and an anti-lift latch mechanism.

Our Origin bi-fold doors excel when it comes to security, keeping your family and property thoroughly protected against intruders.

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Environmentally Friendly Home Improvements

Aluminium can be recycled countless times without it ever losing its inherent strength and performance. Our aluminium doors are superbly environmentally friendly due to this, but their environmental impact is minimised in other ways too.

Our aluminium bi-folding doors are extremely energy efficient with low U values. This is fantastic for the environment as less heat escapes your Redhill home and you use less energy to keep it warm. Not only does this make them eco-friendly, but it also is a fantastic benefit for your home and its performance.

You will find that warmth is retained, meaning you use less energy and as such, your heating bills are lowered. Your home could also achieve a greater EPC rating, which is fantastic news for any homeowner!


Keeping Kids and Pets Safe

Our aluminium bi-fold doors incorporate a range of safety features to protect your children and pets. The Origin design is specifically created to ensure safety is maximised.

Child safe gaskets and slam-proof magnets are integrated into our aluminium bi-folding doors. The master door is secured by a heavy duty, magnetic catch preventing the doors from slamming shut on little fingers.

Your family, no matter how young, old or furry, will be protected from injury as much as possible with our aluminium bi-fold doors!

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Designs That Meet Your Needs

Our aluminium bi-fold doors are available in a variety of configurations and can be completely tailored to suit your tastes. Choose from an impressive range of over 250 RAL colours to complete their look. Perfect for creating sliding doors that reflect your personality and tastes.

Our aluminium bi-fold doors can achieve an aesthetic and design that suits your Redhill property and the space available.

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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Redhill

If you would like more information on our aluminium bi-fold doors, then please do contact us. We are here to answer all your questions and we can also provide you with a tailored aluminium bi-fold doors quote to help you prepare for your Redhill home improvements.

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