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Create a Stunning Entrance with New Sliding Doors in Epsom

You can create the most stunning entrance to your outdoor space with a sliding door in Epsom. These simply amazing double glazed doors are designed to create maximum visual impact, restyling your home and enhancing your lifestyle experience.

Whether you choose a patio door or a bi-fold door, you are in for a superb home improvement with sliding doors from Marathon Windows. We are experts in double glazing installation, so your new doors will be fitted to the highest standards.

We also work with only the best manufacturers, ensuring that our sliding doors are crafted to achieve exceptional quality and performance.

Have a look at our guide to sliding doors in Epsom, and see how our superb range can enhance your home.

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uPVC Sliding Doors in Epsom

Our uPVC range of sliding doors are created by the incredible manufacturer Eurocell. You can expect unrivalled quality and performance, as Eurocell are experts in double glazing manufacturer.

Every sliding door, whether patio or bi-fold, is constructed using state of the art technology, so that your home benefits from superior energy efficiency and security.

Our uPVC sliding doors incorporate the latest innovations in double glazing to ensure that they offer exceptional thermal performance. They work to trap warmth within your home and eliminate cold draughts. This ensures that no matter how cold the weather is outside, your Epsom home will be cosy and comfortable.

It also means that your home will stay warmer for longer, letting you use less heating, and so your energy bills will be reduced. Just one of the many amazing features of our uPVC sliding doors!

Any entrance to your home has to be secure and keep you, your family and your property safe. Our doors are super secure. They have strong and robust profiles and advanced locking systems that provide the highest levels of security. In fact, our bi-fold doors are even BBA approved for your peace of mind.

When you choose uPVC sliding doors from our range, you can be completely confident that your home and family are protected against unwanted intruders.

Of course, every homeowner has different tastes, and so what suits one, may not be right for someone else. With our uPVC sliding doors, you will benefit from a range of configuration options so that you can find the perfect fit for your property, and you can customise your new sliding doors with a range of beautiful colour finishes.

Our sliding doors are completely weather proof, and only ever require occasional cleaning to keep them looking spectacular and performing at optimum levels. They have exceptional smooth glide opening systems that are robust and durable, so you will get many years of effortless operation with no maintenance!

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Aluminium Sliding Doors in Epsom

If uPVC isn’t the right option for your Epsom home improvements, than aluminium sliding doors could be just the stylish entrance that you are looking for.

Aluminium is an incredibly strong material, which makes it great for double glazing, as you can enjoy ultra-slim frames, giving you superb viewing areas.

This natural strength is also fantastic for creating secure sliding doors, and with our range from Origin, you can count on exceptional home protection. Aluminium is almost indestructible, and we fit high-security Yale shootbolt locks and an 8-point multipoint lock which fires steel bolts 20 millimetres into the top and bottom of the door frames.

Our superior sliding doors are also fitted with a deadbolt, and an anti-lift latch mechanism. As if this wasn’t secure enough, they even have an anti-tamper running system and security hinges. When it comes to home protection, nothing beats our aluminium sliding doors.

The aluminium sliding doors that we provide also benefit from Origin’s innovative safety features, such as child safe gaskets and slam-proof magnets. Your family and pets will be protected from harm with the Origin range.

Aluminium was once thought of as a cold material, making it inefficient when it came to thermal performance. Modern developments have changed all that, and our Origin bi-fold doors are fantastic for energy efficiency, meeting Building Regulations as a minimum!

In addition to all this, aluminium sliding doors will protect you against even the worst of the British weather, and with minimal effort, your new bi-fold doors will never warp, rot or discolour, providing you with many years of brilliant performance and style.

In fact, they are so hard wearing and durable, they come with a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee!

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Sliding Door Prices Epsom

Why not get in contact with our friendly team and find out more? We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you to find the best sliding doors for your Epsom home and your budget.

Our sliding doors prices are cost effective, and highly competitive, keeping your Epsom home improvements affordable. You can get an instant online quote, or ask your advisor.

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High-Quality Aluminium Doors in Epsom

Aluminium doors can completely transform your Epsom home. They offer unrivalled style and performance, creating a stunning feature that will revolutionise your property. Our aluminium bi-fold doors are designed to be completely efficient too, offering you countless benefits.

Marathon Windows are one of the leading double glazing installers in Epsom, and our superb aluminium doors offer a level of quality that is totally unmatched in the industry.

We install only the very best aluminium doors into our customer’s Epsom homes to ensure they get the most outstanding all-round performance from their new double glazed doors.

Read on to find out more about our spectacular aluminium doors.

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Transform Your Epsom Home

When it comes to home improvements, aluminium bi-fold doors offer the most impressive transformation. You will benefit from a totally new living experience when you choose our aluminium doors.

Our aluminium doors create a seamless link between your home and garden, combining your living space. This gives you endless opportunities to enjoy living in your property in whole new ways. This easy access to your garden will enable you to enhance your social gatherings, and to develop new lifestyle experiences.

All this and with unbelievably stunning aesthetics too, your home will be completely enhanced and you will have so much more appreciation of your outdoor space.

Quality Aluminium Doors

Our aluminium doors are manufactured by Origin, ensuring that you benefit from the most innovative and high-quality design possible. Origin aluminium doors are crafted to offer superb functionality combined with exquisite style, making them the luxury choice for your Epsom home.

Origin aluminium doors incorporate unique safety features, such as child safe gaskets and anti-slam magnets. This ensures that they are market leaders for keeping your family safe from harm.

Our aluminium doors come with a wealth of benefits, nothing is overlooked in the precision engineered design.

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Energy Efficient & Eco-Friendly Aluminium Doors

One of the greatest benefits of our aluminium doors is the fantastic energy efficiency they provide for your Epsom home. They are intelligently designed to ensure that there are no leaks or draughts and that heat loss is minimised.

The thermal performance is matched in quality by the complete sustainability of our aluminium doors. You really couldn’t ask for a more environmentally friendly home improvement.

Aluminium is one of the most eco-friendly materials, as it can be recycled and repurposed countless times without ever losing its beauty or strength. This combined with our aluminium doors’ heat loss performance ensures these bi-fold doors have minimal impact on the environment.

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Styled Just For You

We love that with aluminium doors, you benefit from the most extensive customisation options available in the double glazing industry. Our aluminium doors can be tailored in any number of superb colour finishes.

There are literally hundreds of colour choices available for you to personalise your new aluminium bi-fold door, so whether you want a modern, stylish colour, or a traditional shade that blends in with your home, you can choose whatever option suits you best.

Aluminium doors are perfect for enhancing any Epsom home, providing unique style and an exquisite finish to your property.

Hard Wearing and Durable

Of course, all these wonderful benefits are nothing if you have to keep replacing your doors. With our aluminium doors, there are no worries about that at all. Our aluminium bi-fold doors are designed to last for many, many years.

They will never warp, rot or fade, and you will get endless smooth operation and exceptional performance, with minimal maintenance required. In fact, all that is involved, is giving your aluminium doors the occasional clean.

Our doors offer such outstanding quality that they even come with an impressive 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee. There is no greater comfort than knowing that your new doors will be covered for the next 20 years.

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Aluminium Door Prices Epsom

If you have any questions, or you simply want to find out aluminium doors costs, then please do get in touch. Our friendly team will be happy to help you and can provide you with a tailored quote for your new aluminium doors.

We also offer instant online quotes where you can create your perfect aluminium door and get a guide price in just a matter of minutes, so try it now!

Marathon Windows Double Glazing Surrey

Are you looking for a uPVC window that oozes charisma and charm from a classic, timeless design for your home in Epsom? We have the ideal solution! Introducing our uPVC Sliding Sash window, the perfect window for all property types in Epsom and neighbouring Surrey areas. Here at Marathon Windows, we’ve gone out of our way to design a uPVC Sliding Sash window that complements the desirable aesthetics of wooden windows without the drawbacks.

uPVC sliding sash windows Epsom

In our latest article, uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Epsom, we are looking at what factors have contributed to increasing the desirability of this particular type of double glazed window. This particular style gained popularity in country homes at first, before being redesigned for the mass market. Nowadays, uPVC Sliding Slash Windows can be installed to any type of property, blending in effortlessly and presenting your Epsom home in a brand new light.

Before we go into more detail though, a little about ourselves. We are Marathon Windows, Epsom’s premium supplier and installer of uPVC Sliding Sash windows. With over forty years’ experience in the industry, it’s easy to see why.

Our dedicated and professional team of uPVC sliding sash window installers specialise in installing your double glazed windows to their highest possible standard. Throughout the work, we’ll do our utmost to cause you minimal disturbance – completing all renovations at a time that best suits you. We treat your home with the utmost care, ensuring we leave your property in the exact way we found it.

Finally, we never outsource any of our uPVC sliding sash installations. Why would we? We’ve spent the past forty years building a highly respectable local reputation, which is why our customers keep coming back time after time. We feel that outsourcing the work could compromise our trusted reputation – therefore it’s simply not an option.

Customer service, along with a quality product, is paramount to our company. When you choose to work with Marathon Windows, you choose a company who are there with you every step of the way. A company who will answer and return your calls. A company who cares.

If you have any questions throughout the installation of your uPVC sliding sash window, all you need do is ask. One of our experienced and approachable team members will be more than happy to give you a full working demonstration and answer any questions you may have.

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uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Functionality

Our uPVC Sliding Sash windows are manufactured from the toughest, and most resilient materials available. All components of the uPVC sliding sash window – lock, frame, runners, hinges, and glass are manufactured from the best possible materials. The combination of high quality materials, exceptional build quality and a professional installation ensure your uPVC Sliding Sash window will last for years and years.

Here at Marathon, we strive to give all of our customers the best possible product quality for the most competitive price. To retain the quality of your uPVC sliding sash windows, a quick wash down every once in a while is required. Removing the inevitable build-up of dirt and grit.

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uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Energy Efficiency

Start saving money on your expensive heating bills today with our uPVC sliding sash windows. A combination of a clever design and double glazing highlight these uPVC windows as one of the most desirable on the current market.

Double glazing works by fitting two panes of glass within a lightweight, reinforced uPVC frame. The measurement has to be precise! Too much and the technology simply won’t work.

A thin layer of air is trapped within the frame, creating what is commonly known as a thermal blanket. The stationary air particles prevent cold air from gaining access to your home, and warm air from leaving.

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uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Security

Security is an aspect of your uPVC sliding sash window that we take extremely seriously. The security and well being of yourself and your loved ones means just as much to us as it does to you. We work alongside if not the biggest names in the home security industry, supplying your home with toughened stainless steel locks.

The stainless steel locks have been tested and redeveloped multiple times to make certain they provide maximum security. Furthermore, all of our double glazed windows (sliding sash included) are fitted with toughened and strengthened glass.

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uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Prices

Looking to transform your property with our uPVC Sliding Sash windows this summer and looking to find out just how competitive our prices are? Why not obtain your free online quote? It’s fast and ever so easy to do. Just visit the online quote section of our website, completing the details of the window you are most interested in and click go. You’ll receive your free quote in seconds, and be able to look over it at any time.

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