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Enhance Your Epsom Home with New Front Doors

Front doors are a welcome sight for your guests, inviting them to visit your Epsom home.  Our front doors are a stylish option which will refresh the look of your home as well as improve its performance.

With front doors from Marathon Windows, you are getting outstanding quality combined with expert installation.  We offer our customers the very best front doors in all areas.  They provide value for money, a stunning aesthetic, enhanced security and improved efficiency.

Our front doors really will benefit your Epsom home in so many ways, you will be truly pleased with your home improvements.

Read on to see the features and qualities our front doors provide for Epsom homes.

front doors epsom

Front Doors – uPVC or Composite?

Here at Marathon Windows, we understand that customers want choice.  Very often, you have a set budget and a set idea of how your new front doors should look.

To ensure you get the perfect front doors for you and your home, we offer a variety of options.  Choose from uPVC or composite and then see the fantastic tailoring options.

Stunning uPVC Front Doors in Epsom

Our most popular front doors are our uPVC residential doors.  They are manufactured by Eurocell, to help you get the very best uPVC front doors available.  With our uPVC front doors, you will be delighted with the style and elegance the offer for your Epsom home,

Our uPVC doors come in a vast range of panel designs, so no matter what type of property you own, you will find the perfect door for your home.

You can customise your door further with a range of colour finishes and woodgrain foils, giving it a personal look, then complete your front doors with items from our fantastic range of hardware and accessories.

In addition to this, our uPVC doors are designed to achieve the most incredible security to provide ultimate protection.  With our stunning uPVC doors, you will be thoroughly safe and secure, as these front doors have been tested and approved.

When it comes to thermal performance, the Eurocell has been designed to ensure that maximum energy efficiency is achieved.  These incredible front doors are the perfect solution to keeping your home warm and cosy as well as protecting your from the weather outside.

Find out more about our uPVC residential doors here.

front doors epsom

Composite Front Doors in Epsom

Front doors don’t offer Epsom homeowners much more style than our stunning composite doors.  These spectacular front doors have a unique timber finishes that make them an authentic alternative to traditional wood doors.

Unlike timber, these front doors require very little maintenance, a simple wash every now and again keeps our composite doors in optimum condition.

Composite front doors are a fantastic choice and when it comes to thermal performance, they truly excel.  The solid core and glass reinforced plastic skin is incredibly robust, but not only that, the clever construction makes them inherently insulating.  Draughts are eliminated and heat is retained within your property to create superb thermal efficiency.

When it comes to security, composite front doors are the perfect choice.  They are so strong and robust that they are almost impossible break.  This is combined with our state of the art locking systems to ensure that your front doors meet the most stringent security performance standards.

Our composite front doors come in a variety of styles and are perfect for tailoring to meet your needs with colour finishes, authentic woodgrain foils, stunning hardware and completely practical yet stylish accessories.  With our range of front doors, you will have so much choice available for your Epsom home.


Front Door Prices Epsom

Get in touch with our fantastic team and find out more about our superb residential doors in Epsom.  Our front doors offer stunning value for money, making them far more affordable than you might think.  In addition to this, you will get many, many years of quality performance.  Do have a chat and start your Epsom home improvements journey.

You can also visit our brilliant online door designer.  Our intelligent system enables you to create your perfect door from the options available and get a free, personalised front doors price.  Try it now and see for yourself just how great our prices are for Epsom double glazing.

Composite Front Doors Coulsdon

What benefits would a composite door gift your Epsom property with? What advantages do composite doors have over uPVC, and traditional timber doors? Composite doors are a revolutionary product, designed to dramatically improve energy efficiency and security in your Epsom home. In our latest blog, we will explore the benefits of investing in a composite door. 

Firstly though, who are we? We are Marathon Windows, Epsom’s local professional home renovation company. We are a family ran and family owned company, with over forty years trading experience. We started serving the local community back in 1975! We specialise in supplying a vast range of uPVC and Composite products.



Why Invest In A Composite Door?

Composite doors are a drastic upgrade to plastic alternatives. They are designed to withstand corrosive weather conditions, improve your Epsom properties security and require minimal maintenance throughout their long life. Keep your home secure and save money on your expensive energy bills by investing in a composite door this Winter.

A composite door is like a traditional timber door, wearing a suit of armour. They are designed to capture the simplistic and attractive looks of wood, minus the drawbacks of old fashioned and outdated doors. By this we mean that, unlike wood, a composite door will not rot or warp.

Therefore you don’t need to set aside 4 hours of your precious weekend to ultimately end up spraining your back and cutting your fingers open by removing the door and planing it level to the frame.

So, why won’t you end up in A and E when you invest in a composite door? Composite doors are made to last, meaning that you will not need to experience the trauma of removing a door and working on it in your free time. In fact, after our in house team of professionals have installed your door, you’ll never need to paint, varnish or treat your door. The highest quality, guaranteed for an entire decade.

Composite Doors and Energy Efficiency

We don’t need to tell you just how important it is for everyone to play their part in the well being of the planet. What’s fact is every small, environment conscious act snowballs to big change. Choose environmentally friendly solutions, help to eradicate global wastage and lower your expensive heating bills. Composite doors are built to last. Built to resist harsh, cold weather conditions. Built to keep warm air inside and the cold winds out.

Alarmingly, research has proven that as much as 20% of your heating simply passes through ill fitted windows and doors. What are your yearly heating bills? £1200? £1300? Let’s take the latter as an example, working our way forward, using the statistic as an example.

£1200 heating bill per year, with a 20% loss through poorly fitted and inadequate windows and doors. Per month, you essentially open the door walk over to a drain, open your wallet and drop a tenner in it.

You do that every month, and that’s your car insurance sorted for the year. You do that for the entire guarantee of your brand new energy efficient composite door, and that’s a staggering £1200 pounds! Or, a cheeky all inclusive summer holiday in Barcelona for yourself and partner.


How Are Composite Doors Made?

Composite Doors are a pretty straight forward idea, executed with advanced technology. Composite doors are covered in an outer skin of durable glass reinforced plastics and have a rigid foam core inside. The foam core make the composite door its energy efficient edge.

Here at Marathon Windows, we treasure our close business relationship with one of the largest manufacturers of composite doors in Europe. Marathon Windows proudly work alongside Eurocell to deliver our customers with best composite doors on the market.

Eurocell and Composite Doors

Why have we chosen to work with Eurocell to provide us with top of the range, composite doors? And, what do Eurocell do that’s different to any one else?

Eurocell are the UK’s largest manufacturer of high quality composite and uPVC products. The company have a solid commitment to recycling, and are constantly investing in developing new cutting edge products. With design, usability and energy efficiency in mind.

Eurocell started back in 1974! From the word go they recognised the importance and their responsibility in growing an ethical company. They based their entire company on plastic extrusion based on precision engineering. Some twenty one years later, Eurocell officially opened their first plastics branch. Since that time, business has been booming.

Currently, Eurocell operate from a state of the art factory in, Derbyshire. This eighty thousand square foot purpose built factory is the company’s mother ship, the main hub of a company that currently employ well over one thousand people, making daily deliveries across the UK.


Long Life Composite Doors

We ensure that all of our composite doors are fitted with the highest quality stainless steel hardware on the market. Our entire range of composite doors come with a decade long guarantee against swelling, de lamination and warping. We offer low threshold options, assuring easy access for prams and wheelchairs. Finally, get peace of mind with the knowledge that our composite doors are highly secure.


Online Quote

Tempted to upgrade to a brand new composite door but need more information? Or, are you simply interested to find out how little it would cost you to fit an energy efficient composite door to your Epsom property?

Here at Marathon Windows, we have a free and easy to use online quote generator. Simply fill in your details, the requirements and quantities of your desired products and press go. We’ll get back to you ASAP with a competitive quote, including any reductions and, of course, a professional installation!

Or, if you’d prefer, why not give one of our friendly professional team members a call? Our in house team of installation engineers are more than happy to talk you through the installation process, answer any questions on composite doors or give you an estimate over the phone. Give us a call today on 01372 740706.

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